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Redefining how we communicate visually

At Amutri, we challenge what's normal.

We're passionate about simplifying how designers and organisations communicate complex ideas visually and save time, reduce costs and generate growth.

Our Team

Our founder

Michael Calver is the CEO and founder of Amutri. Michael has spent two decades designing and building advanced 3D Visualisation and Simulation technologies, and pioneered the use of gaming technologies within non-gaming applications across many industries.


Invest in Amutri

The increasing complexity of the world necessitates more intricate forms of communication, but the foundational technology supporting it has largely remained unchanged. A picture is worth a thousand words. Invest in Amutri and transform how we communicate visually.


If you would like to be part of this exciting new technological frontier, please come and speak to us.

Join Us

Amutri is building a world-class team to develop the 3D visualisation tools of the future. We want to help elevate our community of creative thinkers and bring about the next generation of exciting ideas. We are practical, curious and hungry to learn more. We are looking for people who are proud of their work and passionate about our incredibly ambitious mission. If you're excited by what we do, please come and talk to us!

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