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About Us

We're extremely passionate about 3D Visualisation. So much so, that we want to solve its biggest problem, and that's the fixing and preparation of CAD and BIM files before rendering.

We drastically reduce the time and cost of turning these files into compelling 3D Visualisations, through a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the whole process.

The fastest way to fix CAD & BIM files ready for 3D Visualisation

Rapid preparation and conversion 

With a simple drag and drop, convert CAD and BIM files into 3D Visualisation ready files in seconds.

UV Mapping

Save hours UV mapping CAD and BIM files, we’ll make sure that your models are UV mapped ready for you to apply your materials of choice.

Safe File Processing

We care about the privacy of your files. Learn more about the privacy of your files here.

Normal Fixing

Fixing normal direction with CAD and BIM files can be a time-consuming process. We’ll take care of this for you, by making sure that all face normals are facing the right direction.

Repair broken geometry

We know how time consuming it is to repair models from CAD and BIM files. Our tool will do this for you in seconds, allowing you to spend your time on what you need to - visualisation.

Material Clean-up

Most of the time, CAD and BIM models contain tens and sometimes hundreds of redundant and duplicate materials. We’ll clean these up for you, ensuring that you’re ready to go with texture application.

Our Team

Our founder

Michael Calver is the CEO and founder of Amutri. Michael has spent two decades designing and building advanced 3D Visualisation and Simulation technologies, and has pioneered the use of gaming technologies within non-gaming applications across many industries.


Invest in Amutri

The world around us relies more and more upon 3D Visualisation every year, yet the technology that underpins it has remained largely the same. Help us to revolutionise how the world around us is designed, marketed and sold.


If you would like to be part of this exciting new technological frontier as an investor, please come and speak to us to make your mark.

Join Us

Amutri is building a world-class team to develop the 3D visualisation tools of the future. We want to help elevate our community of creative thinkers and bring about the next generation of exciting ideas.


Amutri’s team members are practical, curious and hungry to learn more. We are looking for people who are proud of their work and passionate about our incredibly ambitious mission. If you're excited by what we do, please come and talk to us!

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