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The world of 3D needs to be democratised.

Amutri are a startup out of Falmouth Launchpad, an incubator for tech businesses in Cornwall, UK.

The Amutri team believe, through first-hand experience of both the power of 3D technologies, and the challenges that people and organisations face accessing them, that the world of 3D needs to be democratised.

Amutri envisage a world where everyone (and we mean everyone), can access 3D technologies to support the design, marketing, and sale of the world around us. Taking the learnings from his previous product-led and service-led startups, combined with industry experience, Amutri’s founder, Michael Calver, is building a product that dramatically lowers the entry point to 3D Visualisation, enabling more people and organisations to benefit from the technology.

Amutri are beginning their journey through the release of their first product, a micro- product, which is both free, and simple-to-use.

The micro-product is an online CAD & BIM conversion tool. This tool speeds up the process of converting CAD and BIM files into 3D modeling software formats, ready for 3D Visualisation.

Amutri believe that this small step in the journey will enable more people to adopt their software product, which automates the creation, hosting, and deployment of real-time rendered 3D visualisations.

For those already using 3D Visualisation, Amutri offers a solution that is hundreds of times faster and more cost-effective than current alternatives.

For those who currently cannot, this software significantly reduces the barriers to entry of the technology, meaning everyone can create and showcase 3D visualisations.

For access to their micro-product, sign up here.

Full product access is available to early adopters in Q2 2022.

The team welcomes feedback on their micro-product, and are recruiting early adopters to shape the growth of their products.

Get in touch to find out more:

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