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Getting Started

Welcome to the world of Amutri. Who are we? Why do we exist? Why use Amutri? Discover more here.

Getting Started

What's the Amutri vision? To empower everyone to create 3D Visualisations, in seconds. Amutri is the Canva of 3D Visualisation.

Amutri is designed to provide a simple path to 3D Visualisation, which can be viewed via:
• Still imagery,
• Video,
• Immersive real-time rendered experiences (eventually, using Virtual Reality devices. We're working on this!).

We are on a mission to dramatically lower the entry point to, and eventually democratise 3D Visualisation technology.

Regardless of technical skill, or money in the bank, we believe that everyone should be able to access and use 3D Visualisation software.

3D Visualisation shouldn’t be a tool that is only accessible to large organisations with resources and big budgets. It also shouldn’t consume hundreds of valuable man-hours to create.

We believe in simple, rapid 3D Visualisation of spaces and places, that doesn’t break the bank, or waste your time.

Amutri (even at MVP (minimum viable product) stage) is the first product to exist that automates the creation of real-time rendered, high-quality virtual environments.

• By doing this, we offer a solution that is exponentially faster, and more cost-effective by reducing the turn-around time of 3D content, and the costs associated with its production.

• Before Amutri, virtual environments needed to be created manually, using expensive software packages, by skilled individuals including 3D Artists, with involvement from Software Developers.

• Ultimately, Amutri is:

o At least x100 times faster than existing solutions,
o At least x100 more cost-effective than existing solutions,
o This saves time for experts, enables organisations to iterate faster during the design process, and enables 3D Visualisation to be adopted by those who can’t currently access the technology due to its high entry point.

Who are we?

We are an experienced and respected team of industry veterans within the 3D Visualisation and rendering technology space, bringing world-leading knowledge and expertise into the business.

Having experienced the vast benefits of 3D Visualisation, we are committed to enabling as many people and organisations as possible to adopt the technology. We also have the support and trust of renowned and influential organisations, academic institutions and industry experts worldwide to help ensure our success and propel our business forwards.

Amutri is designed to resolve real-world challenges, become a step-change improvement in 3D Visualisation, enable immersive technologies to thrive, and eventually facilitate the creation of metaverse virtual spaces.

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