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Drag. Drop. Fix.

Render-ready CAD & BIM files in seconds, not hours.

We'll optimise and fix geometry, UV map your models,
and even remove duplicate materials.

Start for free, no credit card required

Eliminate tedious file-fixing tasks from your workflow

Rapid preparation and conversion 

UV Mapping

Safe File Processing

Normal Fixing

Repair broken geometry

Material Clean-up

Compatible with all common CAD & BIM file formats

(Including Common Interchange Formats)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with Amutri?
    Amutri is an immersive presentation software that helps you communicate complex visions and ideas. Upload your CAD & BIM files to Amutri and instantly convert them into 3D experiences. Book a demo to find out how it works.
  • Who is building Amutri?
    We are an experienced and respected team of industry veterans within the 3D Visualisation and rendering technology space, with a passion for making 3D Visualisation easier. Read more about the team here.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    Yes! Book a demo with us and we can help you set up your free trial.
  • Do you offer enterprise solutions?
    Absolutely! Arrange a call with our CEO, Michael Calver and discuss how we can meet your organisation's needs.
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