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Convert, prepare and render CAD & BIM files in seconds

All the tools you'll need to work faster and smarter whilst creating 3D Visualisations.


Rapid preparation and conversion 

With a simple drag and drop, convert CAD and BIM files into 3D Visualisation ready files in seconds.

UV Mapping

Save hours UV mapping CAD and BIM files, we’ll make sure that your models are UV mapped ready for you to apply your materials of choice.

Safe File Processing

We care about the privacy of your files. Learn more about the privacy of your files here.

Flipping Normals

Fixing normal direction with CAD and BIM files can be a time-consuming process. We’ll take care of this for you, by making sure that all face normals are facing the right direction.

Repair broken geometry

We know how time consuming it is to repair models from CAD and BIM files. Our tool will do this for you in seconds, allowing you to spend your time on what you need to - visualisation.

Redundant and duplicate materials

Most of the time, CAD and BIM models contain tens and sometimes hundreds of redundant and duplicate materials. We’ll clean these up for you, ensuring that you’re ready to go with texture application.

The fastest way to convert and prepare CAD & BIM files for 3D Visualisation

Compatible with all common CAD & BIM file formats

Repairs geometry, UV maps models, fixes normals & removes redundant materials

Prepares CAD & BIM files for 3D Visualisation in seconds.

Amutri Tools

Work faster and smarter when creating 3D Visualisations.

CAD & BIM Prepare

Convert and process CAD & BIM data ready for rendering in seconds

CAD & BIM to 3D Visualisation

Convert and process CAD & BIM data ready for rendering in seconds

The fastest and easiest way to render CAD & BIM files

Compatible with all common CAD & BIM file formats

Create directly in your browser; no software downloads necessary

Use cloud based processing, with no expensive hardware required

How it works


Pre-apply model materials using your CAD or BIM program


Upload file to Amutri


Invite and share real-time experiences

With Amutri you can:

Create rich interactive 3D experiences for in-person or remote presentations with clients

Empower your marketing team to quickly create content from your latest projects

Distribute attractive, high-quality 3D content to social media straight from Amutri

Render your CAD & BIM files today

Try our latest experimental version of our 3D Visualisation technology for free. By signing up to our Early Access program, you can try Amutri for free today and join our exciting community of pioneers and innovators. This offer is available for a limited time only!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I do with Amutri?
    Amutri prepares CAD & BIM files ready for 3D Visualisation in just a few seconds. We will fix your model geometry, normals, holes, UV mapping and even duplicate materials to create render-ready assets.
  • Who is building Amutri?
    We are an experienced and respected team of industry veterans within the 3D Visualisation and rendering technology space, with a passion for making 3D Visualisation easier.
  • What about my data?
    Your safety is our priority. Amutri is ISO 27001 compliant, with our products designed and management in alignment with best security practices and IT security standards.
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